May Frock Box Review

Frock Box Review

As promised, I’ve put together a quick review of my experience with Frock Box clothing subscription service. This is a Canadian personal styling service very similar to what Stitch Fix offers for our friends in the US. I initially tried Frock Box last fall with poor results, but signed up for a slightly different service this time and have been loving it!

March Cherry Blossoms

March 2018 Review & Favourites

Well, I'm a little late on the March review post. Time has been flying and I've been completely slacking on the blog posts. While it would be nice to stick to a consistent posting schedule, I’m determined to have this blog remain a fun hobby, so I’m not going to stress out about it! From past blogging experience I know I lose interest when it starts to feel like a job.

Breakfast Casserole Recipe

Breakfast Casserole Recipe

I'm always looking for new ways to simplify my life and streamline my everyday routines. As I mentioned in my post about morning and evening routines, I usually take breakfast to work on weekdays - especially since starting my time restricted eating experiment. This make-ahead egg casserole has been my go-to breakfast off and on for a few years now! I typically throw this together on Sunday and start off the week feeling really proud of myself for being so organized...

Mindful Meals Fruit Bowl

Mindful Meals

One of my challenges for March is to try to be more mindful of my eating. Like any mindfulness practice, this is simple but not easy! While the idea of enjoying a meal without any distractions sounds straightforward, it is hard to avoid mindlessly reaching for your phone, snacking in front of the tv or just getting caught up in random thoughts.

Mindful March - Ocean View

Mindful March

So I’ve decided to do a monthly focus for March on mindfulness - and I’m pretty excited about it...maybe partly because 'Mindful March' just sounds so catchy! I’ve been interested in meditation and mindfulness practices as a way to reduce stress and anxiety for a few years. Meditation has proven to be a very helpful tool for calming my worry-prone brain! During March I’m going to look at ways to incorporate more mindfulness into my everyday life.

My Morning and Evening Routines

My Morning & Evening Routines

I'm a big fan of routine, especially when it comes to creating new habits. I decided to take a look at optimizing my morning and evening routines, which quickly turned into a more thorough evaluation of how I’m spending my time. I’m not sure if anyone will really find anything valuable in these mundane details of my life, but for some reason I kinda love reading about other people's routines, so here goes...!